Soothe your eyes with a darker, more comfortable Web


Owl is a light-weight Firefox add-on that makes your reading experience enjoyable by reducing the strain on your eyes, and is ideal for night reading.

Owl transforms webpages with a comfortable dark theme on-the-fly, protecting your eyes from the glaring color schemes on most websites.

Owl comes bundled with a tonne of feautures. With Owl, you can:

  • Transform webpages (or local markup files) to use a dark theme
  • Choose between two themes (Default and Classic) to suit your needs
  • Use different themes on a site-to-site basis
  • Selectively Disable Owl on specific websites
  • Always use dark theme on specific websites
  • Invert PDF files
  • Turn on Owl on Firefox startup

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Feel free to contact the developer for suggestion, feature requests, bugs and hugs.

Found a bug? Open an issue on Github. Want to contribute? Get the source!